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This page is designed to share all the questions I have asked and answers that have resulted throughout my journey to write my first novel.  I make no guarantees that these answers are correct just that I have found them and I have decided, for one reason or another, that they appear accurate. I imagine this will be updated frequently! Feel free to add/elaborate/comment!

  1. How long is the average novel? Novella: up to 25,000 words; Young Adult (YA) Novel: 125-250 pages; Adult Novel: 75,000 to 120,000; full-length memoir: 40,000 or more; Short (fictional) story: 2,000 to 4,000 words; Short shorts or flash fiction: under 1,000 words. [Source (love, love, love this book): Aine Greaney's Writer with a Day Job].
  2. What is the best book to read for tips on style/grammer? Strunk and White's The Elements of Style.
  3. Greatest books on the craft and writing resources? Stephen King's On Writing, Writers Digest's Novel and Short Story Market (updated yearly)
  4. Any recommendations for novel writing software?  I have heard great things about Scrivener.  I uploaded the trial but I am, admittedly, stuck in my ways and gun shy when it comes to technology (omg, how old am I?).  It is supposed to be awesome for novels with extensive plots and I have a writing buddy who swears by it!
  5. How many chapters are in an average novel?  A typical 260 page novel (65,000 words) has about 18 chapters (14 pages per chapter).  [Source: WikiAnswers and independent perusal of my library - I have a BA in English so I have quite a few books!]
  6. How do you get rid of those STUPID dotted lines in Microsoft Word? The line is a border and it infiltrates your document for no good reason and never, ever leaves.  To finally remove them, select "Page Layout", on the "Page Background" tab, hit "Page Borders", Select "NONE" (it's not in caps, I am just excited about the option) under the "Setting:" section on the left and have a drink for we have just been given us free!

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