I am loved! Positive Affirmations For Our Children

Guess what?! My latest novel, I am loved! Positive Affirmations For Our Children is available today, January 10, 2017 for pre-order on Amazon Kindle!

It features a collection of positive affirmations designed to be read aloud with your favorite tiny human. This book is personal for me.  It is a collection of things I tell my children, even my latest little guy who arrived November 7 :-).  I realized when I tell them about the good in themselves, they believe it.  It is a great book for reinforcing all that beautiful qualities you see in your children to help them enter this world ready to combat any and all negativity.

The official release date is February 14, 2017 but if you pre-order today it will be delivered automatically to your Kindle that day.  The paperback copy will be available on February 14.  I hope you enjoy!

Love and Light, 


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