Dream A Little Dream

Today marks the beginning of the third trimester of my pregnancy.  As of Thursday, my growing baby boy is three pounds and three ounces -- ahead of the growth curve already.  I am so excited to meet this little guy. I'm also feeling a little like a giant feeding sloth ready to spontaneously combust at any moment.  But y'know... the good and the bad.

This pregnancy has been filled with a myriad of emotions for so many reasons.  Many of which you guys know already.  I've also been emotional at the thought of bringing another beautiful brown child into this tumultuous society. However, rather than dwell in the negative (Trump, Police Shootings, Incarceration, oh my), my husband and I decided to create our own little ray of light in an otherwise dark time. Together, we created WeeMagine, an online magazine devoted to celebrating and inspiring children of color and the people who love them.

This labor of love is probably not a surprise to most people who have been following me. After all, the bulk of my essays in recent years have been about my own fears in parenting young brown children.  I find myself constantly looking for positive news so I can feel free to dream for them so they can feel free to dream for themselves.  In 2013, I started the Facebook page Celebrating Black Boys (Twitter @CBBoys) with that goal in mind. WeeMagine is a continuation of that.  The site regularly features inspiring news, essays on parenting and positive affirmations. It also includes a section I am SO excited about called Minute Mentors which profiles real people achieving their dreams. It takes mentorship digital - making it attainable to anyone.

The site is growing. In the two weeks since we have been up, we have had 1,000 views on the website. We just hit 100 followers on our WeeMagine FB page and 200 on our Instagram, Our Celebrate Black Boys page on Twitter has a little over 2,000 followers and close to 700 on FB.  I am really proud of the community we are building. Social media can be a depressing place these days. I'm hoping we are an alternative to the negativity.

However, have no fear, dear reader, in addition to cooking this kid and my new site, I am working on new fiction.  It may not be as soon as I would have liked in light of the other things in the pipeline but it is coming! Thank you all for riding with me on this incredible journey.  Thanks also to my new followers and all those who left recent reviews on my work.

As always, stay tuned ;-).

Love and Light, 


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