Sunday, January 10, 2016

52 Prompts: Summers in Queens

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The blades of grass tickled our bare feet as we tried to outrun the chase of the sprinkler. Hopping between the gaps, the cool tap water shooting out like fireworks, raining down and mixing with the beads of sweat on our skin.   We'd collapse on our towels atop the asphalt and giggle until our stomachs hurt. Inhaling the salty smoke of the fired up charcoal grills, swimming into our nostrils and making our stomachs growl.  Low bass and sweet rhythms poured from other yards, intoxicating the elders with Beres Hammond and coconut rum, whiskey and Maze.  Their shadows peeked through the thick bushes that separated our yards.  Holding each other close as the sun beat down on their cotton tunics and sandaled feet.  Low rumbling of grown up talk soundtracked the air as we browned like turkeys and ran like wild beasts in the city sun.

We feared nothing yet were afraid of so much. Scraped knees and chewed fingernails.  Climbing tall trees and hiding from the leer of new grown ups.  Our bathing suits hid so little.  Blossoming bodies practically nude beneath the thin nylon lycra of our swimsuits.  Jaundiced eyes and "Hey, little girls" and "Hey, little lady, you look so sweet." Accents and curry.  Nicotine and blackened ribs.  Tight hugs and leather belts.  The candy from the corner store was hard, thick and ten cents. You could get two mouths full for a dollar.  Wedged beneath the gaps in our braces and mashed in the pits of our back teeth.  Short bike rides. Hot asphalt.  We, hopeful with bright eyes.  Police sirens and the Cosby show.  Sweet dreams, disappearing nights.

Endless days on repeat.

Prompt: Write about a place.

Each Sunday, I will be sharing my response to a short writing prompt from the many (many) writing books I've invested in over the years.  Enjoy, join me or leave a comment! Prompts are an awesome way to get the muse to come out and play.

Love and Light,

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  1. Very enjoyable to read about innocence in such a descriptive, intuitive manner! Love it!


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