Sunday, January 3, 2016

52 Prompts: Last First Kiss

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There were so many possibilities in that moment.
When I close my eyes now, I can still feel them.  Warm, sweet, endless.  Leaned into him. Wrapped in his large arms.  On my ivory couch. Even then it felt safe and worn. Like I had been there before. Even though it was our first time.
The scent of the candle I lit traveled between us, filling the air with hints of cinnamon and spice.  Bouncing around to the music he played.  A forgotten song buried in a forgotten CD.  Satisfying in a way I'd forgotten I'd needed.
I was in a small studio then.
Young, solo, excited and scared.  Scents and sounds filled those four walls like color.  Vibrant, present... almost human.  We were barely shadows in that candlelight and I think we both knew how small we were in the depth of that moment.  The girl with the long braids and the boy with the messy afro.  Specks of candlelight in our eyes.
His fingertips moved up and down my arms, stopping only to toy with the hem of my long sleeves and then drifting back up again.  I could have stayed like that on repeat.  Living in that song.  In that moment.
His voice was so low at first I thought it was the song.  He'd asked me to kiss him.  I was almost too nervous to say yes.  I nodded slowly, leaning my head back to meet his lips and looking into his eyes.  He looked back at me, still asking.  I met his lips with certainty, our eyes drifting closed.  Ready.  His hand resting tenderly on my cheek.  Mine on his.
It was nothing but a thing.  I'd said. He'd said.  Before, we'd thought there would be a dozen first kisses.  Some not his. Some not mine. After all, there was our youth.  Our immortality. Our possibilities.
Not accepting for a moment that underneath the weight of the song, swimming in the scent of cinnamon and buried in the cushions of my ivory couch, we'd want to make this one our last.

Prompt: Write about a first kiss.

Each Sunday, I will be sharing my response to a short writing prompt from the many (many) writing books I've invested in over the years.  Enjoy, join me or leave a comment! Prompts are an awesome way to get the muse to come out and play.

Happy New Year ;-).

Love and Light, 

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  1. What a beautiful testament to your love! Young love - yet knowing and purposeful. Your descriptive words are dazzling.


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