You may say, I'm a dreamer

For Mother's Day this year, I bought myself a bike.  I planned on getting my old one fixed but a very effective salesman picked up on me salivating over a gold Trek calling my name as soon as I walked in the door and was relentless until I practically walked my old one to the dumpster. 

I always loved riding bikes.  Ever since I was a little girl I loved the feel of the wind rushing against my face and the burn in my little legs as I pedaled as fast as I could up and down my block.  I realize now it's because it felt like flying... and I have always wanted to fly. 

Since Mother's Day I have been flying all around my neighborhood.  I discovered this amazing lake surrounded by trees and 2.5 mile paved loop that I go around and around kicking up dirt, pushing through hills, and breathing in the air.  I go early.  Just when the sun is settling into the sky and grass is still damp from the morning dew.  I watch rabbits hop through the blades of grass. Turtles sludge their way through the mud and I marvel at how far the trees wind up into the sky.  I love the rhythm of the joggers, the sweet dance of the pensive elderly and discovering delicious places where its just me and the stillness of the lake.

We are living in scary times.  Nine souls lost senselessly in Charleston.  Churches are burning.  Flags are flying. I am afraid for my children.  For the world they will inherit.

When I ride, I am reminded of the beauty.  The beauty in life that is bigger than us. Bigger than our skin that binds our souls.  Farther than our eyes can see. And stronger than our hate, our anger and our fear.

When I ride, I fly. 

Love and Light,


  1. Beautiful words! If only we can remember to notice and appreciate the spectacular miracle and wonder of life!


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