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You may say, I'm a dreamer

For Mother's Day this year, I bought myself a bike.  I planned on getting my old one fixed but a very effective salesman picked up on me salivating over a gold Trek calling my name as soon as I walked in the door and was relentless until I practically walked my old one to the dumpster. 

I always loved riding bikes.  Ever since I was a little girl I loved the feel of the wind rushing against my face and the burn in my little legs as I pedaled as fast as I could up and down my block.  I realize now it's because it felt like flying... and I have always wanted to fly. 

Since Mother's Day I have been flying all around my neighborhood.  I discovered this amazing lake surrounded by trees and 2.5 mile paved loop that I go around and around kicking up dirt, pushing through hills, and breathing in the air.  I go early.  Just when the sun is settling into the sky and grass is still damp from the morning dew.  I watch rabbits hop through the blades of grass. Turtles sludge their way…