My new novel will be available March 27, 2015!

I've been busy, folks! I have two novels, a novella, and a short story set for release this year! The first, Boyfriend, is in the final stages of editing.  It will be available on Amazon Kindle (drumroll, please....) March 27, 2015! Here's the synopsis:

Nate Best enrolls in college in Washington, D.C. to escape a complicated and painful past.  Together with his best friend and roommate, Phil, he parties more than he studies and beds girls as if it is a Division 1 sport.  When Kerry, a beautiful young woman from a privileged background, captures his interest, he jumps at the challenge.  He eagerly denies all he ever was for the chance to be someone completely different with her.  Before long, he starts to believe he can be.  When Kerry's roommate and best friend, Jayna, sees right through his new good boy façade, he is inexplicably drawn to her.  He is intoxicated by her every move, and attracted to her with a careless abandon.  With the reality of who he is never far from his mind, will he succumb to temptation and destroy Kerry? Or will he resist his bad boy ways and be the boyfriend he never thought he could be? 


For those of you who are fans of my zombie literature, its a bit of a departure. There are no flesh-thirsty zombies but it's sexy, witty,  and you will meet a cast of unforgettable characters. I hope you are as excited as I am.  More details to come!

Love and Light,


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