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Five by Faye McCray I am in the dirt this Wednesday. My hair is sprouting leaves. My fingers are burrowed and moistening. Mud coats my knees. I am digging to hear you plainly again I last heard you five years ago I know if I dig deep enough, I will still hear your echo. We’ve been five years sullied. Our roots in mounds of pain. As if joy is the exception To deaths dark shadow on your name. I am in the dirt this Wednesday. My hair is sprouting leaves. To forget how you left us. To remember how you breathed. © Faye McCray
Love and Light,

Cookies and Heartbreak

My baby boy is in love.Well, not quite.My four year old has this deeply complicated relationship with another four year old.  She rubbed his back the first day of preschool when he cried in my arms about leaving me for the first time.  Then she gave him a lollipop (and “No’buddy else, Mommy”) just because she had fun playing with him that day. Then she wrapped her arms around him tight and told him she would miss him between a Thursday and Friday just because he was leaving school early.
He looked at me, amidst the embrace, with his eyes wide and mouth reluctantly spread in a wide grin, that wild smile you only get when you’re trying really hard not to, and I knew. This little brown girl, with big hazel eyes and sweeping auburn curls had stolen a piece of my young son’s heart.The next day, I picked him up from school and he was in tears.  Big fat, snotty tears that ran down his face and left giant raindrops falling from his chin.  I scooped him up and kissed his wet face.  His teachers…

Dancing in September

I can't believe I have let a whole month pass since I've reached out! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know I'm alive.  So, that's good.  However, I've neglected this here writing space for the whole month of September.  I haven't been hibernating (though forced exile and sleep sounds reaaaally good right about now).   I've also been working away on a fast approaching deadline.  Earlier this summer, I was asked to participate in a horror anthology!

Aside from being loads of fun, it is also my first professional fiction gig with a real publisher.  After getting over the initial fears and doubts (Am I good enough? Can I really do this?), my fingers have been flying.  I channeled all my creative juices into this project so a few things were put on hold.  But have no fear, I am still planning on pursuing Dani's Belts as a graphic novel! The preliminary sketches are done and next  month I will resume preparing my story boards.  Also, I still plan…