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Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the downloads, reviews, tweets and comments in support of Dani's Belts! What started as a Halloween project turned into a short story series and I am SO very proud of how it all turned out.  For those of you who didn't read my interview with Graveyard Shift Sisters or get to the end of Black Belt, I am proud to say I am currently working on turning the series into a graphic novel!  I am so excited to bring Dani, Rob, Michelle, Coral, Tubbs and the many eaters to life. I am also excited about continuing their stories.  I will keep everyone posted on its progress.

While I am working on getting the graphic novel squared away, I will also be publishing a novella later this Spring.  It is a departure from the horror genre.  It is a nostalgic literary highlight reel of a short, obsessive relationship between a career driven young woman and a charismatic coffee shop barista.  It's told in little vignettes.  It is funny, sexy and a tad disturbing.  I think you guys will really enjoy it. 

I've had a few disappointments lately and some really awesome victories.  I am filled with gratitude for everyone taking this journey with me. For everyone who keeps getting back up with me.  Thanks for being gentle with all the pieces of me I've left across these here internets. Words and me go back.  Like recliners and old men.  Thanks for believing we have a future.

Love and Light,


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