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I am struggling to write a blog post lately.
It's not block (perish the thought) because I'm writing. I'm just not writing here.
I think the best writing is emotion driven. For me anyway.  If something is weighing heavy on my mind, I feel flooded with words.  It's like they all coming running to the door waving their little word-hands and screaming, "Write me! Write me!" I choose them carefully, and since I am primarily a fiction writer, most of them wear a disguise.
Knowledge.  Vulnerability.  Yearning.  Freedom. Peace.
I would say these are central themes of my thirties.  Acquiring knowledge and learning what I want.  Knowing what I want and being vulnerable enough to admit it... and telling people as needed.  Once I've admitted it and let it be known, yearning for it with every flutter of my soul and truth in my energy.  And once I have it... once I am living life as it is intended... well...
I'll be free.
...and with freedom comes peace.
I think t…

Next up...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the downloads, reviews, tweets and comments in support of Dani's Belts! What started as a Halloween project turned into a short story series and I am SO very proud of how it all turned out.  For those of you who didn't read my interview with Graveyard Shift Sisters or get to the end of Black Belt, I am proud to say I am currently working on turning the series into a graphic novel!  I am so excited to bring Dani, Rob, Michelle, Coral, Tubbs and the many eaters to life. I am also excited about continuing their stories.  I will keep everyone posted on its progress.

While I am working on getting the graphic novel squared away, I will also be publishing a novella later this Spring.  It is a departure from the horror genre.  It is a nostalgic literary highlight reel of a short, obsessive relationship between a career driven young woman and a charismatic coffee shop barista.  It's told in little vignettes.  It is funny, sexy and a tad dist…

Black Belt is LIVE!

After a few minor glitches, we are up and running! Special shout out to the Amazon team for their super fast response time.  Thumbs up for Kindle Direct Publishing! So, without further ado...
Check out Black Belt!
When you're done, please click "Write a Review" and tell me your thoughts! I'm committed to this writer business, folks, and I value every syllable of your feedback!

Thanks to all those who have been following Dani's journey! It's been so much fun. Rest assured, it is not over for Dani.  I am working hard on turning the series into a graphic novel.  I promise to fill you in on more details later!  For now... there is a pillow calling my name.  More words later.
Love and Light,

And by tomorrow, I meant....


Sorry folks, I was a little delayed in uploading Black Belt to Kindle!  It will be up in less than 12 hours which may still actually be today but it may not (all depends on the Amazon Digital Gods).  Good news though.  Orange Belt is still FREE today, April 7 through Wednesday, April 9 AND you can still enter to win FREE copies of both White Belt and Yellow Belt by entering HERE!

If that still doesn't make up for it, watch this... it always puts me in the forgiving mood.

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The final installment in Dani's Belts, Black Belt is coming out tomorrow April 8!!!

In honor of it's debut, Orange Belt will be FREE April 7 through April 9! Also, you can enter to win here for FREE copies of White Belt and Yellow Belt!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner Announced Wednesday, April 9!
Good luck!

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A Dreamer's Pledge

Say it with me….
A Dreamer’s Pledge by Faye McCray © Faye McCray, 2014
I will fight to protect my dreams. I will keep getting back up. I will believe in myself when no one else does. I will keep getting back up. I will swallow criticism to the extent it makes me better. I will keep getting back up. I will improve. I will keep getting back up. I will grow. I will keep getting back up. I will be everything my children believe I am. I will keep getting back up.
I will succeed to prove the people who believe in me right, not to prove insignificant people wrong. I will keep getting back up. I will be inspired by greatness, not threatened by my own infancy. I will keep getting back up. I will act with gratitude, passion and greater purpose. I will keep getting back up. I will repel negativity. I will keep getting back up. For every step forward, I will reach my hand back. I will keep getting back up I will remain humble and kind. I will keep getting back up. I will not settle. I will keep getting back up. I will be pre…