It feels like its been awhile.  Orange Belt is out YAY! Download it here for only $0.99 :-) 

I've been deep in my cave the past few weeks, working on the Belt series and preparing upcoming projects.  Just to give you an idea of my schedule, I wake up before the sun, work, pick up the little ones from school and daycare, kiss their golden faces, cart them around to their social activities, spend time with the spouse, cook, clean, laundry, and then <3 write<3.

Anything else has kind of been like...

The past couple of weeks have caught up with me and today, I took full advantage of the spring equinox and mellowed the fuuuuuuggg oooouuut.  I work from home a few days a week so I decided to take a really long walk at lunch through my neighborhood.  I've mentioned before, I grew up in New York City, so living in the 'burbs now still elicits a kind of wary curiosity from me.  I live near woods, and creeks, and lakes and while I thoroughly enjoy the beauty, I have this fear that some unknown, hairy animal will emerge from a bush at the exact moment I let my guard down and chew me to itty-bitty pieces.

I didn't say it was a rational fear.

Anyway, today I was brave.  My goal was to make my walk a meditative experience and empty my mind.  When my mind is crowded, I'm no good at any of my definitions... especially writer.  At any given moment, I have a litany of things marching through this head of mine, stamping on each other and screaming at the top of their lungs.  Today, I told it all to shut up and followed the breeze as it nudged me gently on my path.  I tasted it as it flew in the air around me and teased the infant buds on the trees.  I heard its silence as it passed through the pine trees and heard its crunch as it carried away the last of the fall leaves.  I listened to the distant birds and my own rubbery footsteps on the concrete beneath my feet. 

I was present...

...which, let me tell ya, I don't do nearly enough.  When I got home, I had a long shower and a giant cup of water, and I allowed myself to be still.  It was mahhhh-valous.  Suddenly, all those "things" marching around in my mind lined up and quietly waited for me to get to them. 

It's amazing the clarity stillness can bring.

So, this post is my deep breath.  My reset.  My start-over.  My pause, rewind, and replay. 
The beat of my steps feeds my soul almost as well as the beat of my pen.
I do some of my best writing without every writing a word.

“The inner is foundation of the outer
The still is master of the restless

The Sage travels all day
yet never leaves his inner treasure”

Love and Light,


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