Happy New Year!

Do a dance! It's a new year!
I hope everyone had a happy and healthy evening. I am moving forward fearlessly into 2014.  I'll be 33 this year, which is a pretty respectable age.  I've learned some thangs.  Did some thangs. Felt some thangs.  I'm somebody's momma (two somebody's). Somebody's wife (one somebody).  I am decidely and proudly (and finally) wearing my definition as a writer. I feel well-prepared for the things I've been working for.  My arms are wide; my heart is open; and I am ready to receive... in all aspects of my life. 

Besides, '14 is a lucky number, right?

Below is a clip from one of my favorite old movies, Black Orpheus.  I've been chasing a party like this since I was in college... Dance with me :-)

Love and Light,


  1. Umm, I've been to this party. It goes down at my hubby's church before the service starts!


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