Toni Morrison and Junot Diaz

Junot Diaz interviewed Toni Morrison last Thursday and it was broadcast live on YouTube, sponsored by New York Public Library. I hadn't heard about the event before last Thursday and when a good friend of mine sent me the link, I damn near crashed my car.  Toni Morrison is my favorite author of all time and Junot Diaz is fastly moving up my list.  
It was like I died and went to literary nerd heaven.  I pretty much scream announced it on Twitter every five minutes as I was watching (sorry about that).  In case you missed it... or if I'm honest, in case I want to watch it again (okay, okay, when I want to watch it again), here is the link.  The talk was amazing.  As usual, I appreciated Junot Diaz's raw, unapologetic voice (which actually translates well from paper to person) and Toni Morrison's... well... Toni 'Freakin' Morrison.
Love and Light,


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