Countdown to Kindle...

11 days to my short story debuts on Kindle, woot, woot!
If you happen to follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed I have been oddly quiet.
No worries... I am not lying face down on my keyboard (most days).
I have been typing away, hoping to have a quality product ready for October 31.  I was also furloughed along with thousands of other federal employees due to the shutdown AND I was taking care of my youngest because our day care plans unexpectedly fell through.  What's that they say about God and plans?! 

But - I've made the best of it.  Despite not knowing where my next pay check would come from, I am blessed to have a working spouse.  I also have a helluva kid.  Although I missed doing my fancy lawyer lady dance the past two weeks and I could have done without the anxiety of the televised Congressional-will they/won't they, hanging with him by day and writing by night was all kinds of awesome.  Mom/Writer has a ring to it, doesn't it?

My littlest painting on the front lawn.

But, the horn has sounded and I'm back to the work and we are back to our regularly scheduled programming.  For now...

Talk soon!

Love and Light,


  1. Where can we read it? what's the reference?

  2. Right here! Enjoy :-)


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