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As I await word on my manuscript, I am preparing myself for the life of a professional writer.  One of the luxuries of writing my first novel was that there were no stakes.  I got lost in my characters, their stories, and their drama and I wasn't concerned about much else.   It wasn't until I work-shopped my first piece and I got positive feedback that I realized other people may like it too.  Tapping into that joy I felt, the fun it seemed to bring others, and the pure happiness that writing gave me helped me finally admit I wanted to pursue writing as a profession.
But let's face it, the joy of writing for yourself is quite different from writing for business.  If When I am fortunate enough to go into contract with a publisher, I am going to be expected to write - with editors, suppliers, and an audience - all waiting for my product... under deadline.

My hippie brain is the leader of deadline opposition.  What can be more damaging to creativity than the pressure of a loo…

Fraidy Cat

I scare really easily. too easily.
To this day a picture of Rod Serling smoking a cigarette scares the crap out of me just because of the memory of Twilight Zone marathons I was forced to endure as a child (Thanks, Mom).
As a victim of my own overactive imagination, real life situations often pale in comparison to things that I conjure up in my head   An article about a sinkhole making headlines in the news?  I will stare into space for ten minutes after I read the article and wonder if the gaping sink hole has the potential to spread to me (...300 miles from where it originated, and engulf everyone unfortunate enough to be in its path, unexpectedly pulling me from where I sit at my computer, leaving only enough time to scream, "WHY?!?" as my weakening fingers lose their grip on the edge of the Earth).
A plane flying too low as a thunderstorm approaches?  I stare up at the sky just a little too long wondering what if a flash of lighting strikes the plane teleporting…


Writers are an interesting breed. 
We are voyeurs.  We find inspiration in the most mundane things.  From watching a tear stained child skip the edges of the floor tiles in a department store to passing an abandoned rest area towering beneath the trees under the glow of the moonlight. 
We watch. 
We imagine. 
Then we retreat to our caves to write it all down. 

I have a story for you guys. 
Debuting on Kindle this October.
The inspiration enveloped me like a sink hole and I happily plummeted into a cushy, word-filled descent. 
Can't wait to emerge and share!
Thanks for hanging with me, folks...

Love and Light,