Time Out!

Okay. Time out.

Can we all agree that summer is a very busy time when you have little kids?  Between strange summer camp/child care schedules, birthday parties (both of my babies have summer b-days), vacations, writing, and that dreaded four letter word (w-o-r-k), sometimes it feels difficult to catch my breath.  Don't get me wrong... my job has been uncharacteristically rewarding these days (still not in my soul but I am grateful nonetheless), the time with my little guys has been amazing, and the vacations... well, suffice it to say, my husband and I NEEDED that alone time.

But there is always something looming over my shoulder - an email to be written, a document to be drafted, a call to be made, a meeting to be planned... I read this great post over at Causerie about a week ago that really resonated with me (try to put the Austin Powers image out of your head before you click over - she is far more mature than me...).  Time has been on my mind a great deal lately and it just prompted more introspection.  I am making big changes in my life and gearing myself up to take big risks.  I want to enjoy a cup of tea while staring out the window or play school with my three year old without the nagging feeling that there is something else I should be doing... well, something else I don't want to do that I should be doing.  One thing is clear, I need to let go and trust in my divine purpose.  Sometimes you have to relinquish control and dance with the wind... instead of fighting so hard to control which direction it blows.

It's liberating when you realize you've been the problem all along.

Stay tuned.

Love and Light,


  1. Most times, I know I'm my problem. I don't manage time properly; I let little things distract me and blah, blah, blah. I'm working on letting go. My impatient brain takes over and days have gone by. Got any tips for letting the wind carry me??

  2. A bit of an addendum here. I heard something today that says we should focus on what we want to make it manifest. Energy goes where attention flows. When we focus and worry about not making it, that’s where the energy goes: to us always wanting to make it but fearing we won’t. But if we ask (or pray) for what we want, believe it is already done and focus on that, it will make its way to us. Just sharing.

  3. Man, I needed to read this today, Ros!


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