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Postponing Joy

Not gonna lie.
This journey to publication is a bit of a rollercoaster.
I'm not just talking about the NOs because those I expected.  I'm talking about the "Ehhh, maybe," "Ack! We love it! But, now we don't," and "Yeeesss.....I mean NOOOOOO!" moments.  Those so-close-you-can-almost-touch-it-but-now-I-am-snatching-it-away-and-laughing-at-you moments.  Okay... so no one is actually laughing.

I got some pretty darn awesome "maybe" news recently.   However, in response to my very real history of publishing-induced trauma, I talked myself down from any happiness I was feeling before I shared it with anyone. 

That's amazing, my best friend said after I finally told her.
No. I responded. We will not be excited.  We are cautiously optimistic.  Then I broke into my best pre-Oscar 'I'm just grateful to be nominated' speech.
Why are you always postponing your joy?
NO! You need to claim it and own it, and stop talking yourself…

Sacred Space

I saw 42 a few weeks ago.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, 42 is a movie telling the story ofJackie Robinsonand his role in the integration of Major League Baseball.  I wanted to see it when it was in the movies but babysitters are hard to come by, and when you get one, it's hard to justify using that precious time to go see a movie.  Anyway, my husband and I finally settled down to watch it and it was... okay.  It was entertaining, and the actors did a nice job.  Anyway, to my husband's chagrin, I have developed this new annoying habit of Google-ing things while I watch movies (looking up stuff on Google).  Whether it be "where did I see that actor before?" or "I wonder if this is a true story", movie watching for me these days usually involves my i-Phone clutched in my palm ready for me to find out the answer to a question that just can't wait.  Needless to say, leaning over my husband multiple times during movie-watching to whisper, "the on…

Love is short, forgetting is so long...

At 32, I am just now discovering Pablo Neruda and these words.  Oh, how I could have weeped to these words during the angst of my teen years and the heartbreaks in my twenties...  They would have been the perfect side dish to a fleece blanket or a glass of wine.  But... without the cloud of selfish tears, in the (relative) stability of my 30s, I truly see their beauty.  Thanks, Pablo.

Love and Light,

Time Out!

Okay. Time out.

Can we all agree that summer is a very busy time when you have little kids?  Between strange summer camp/child care schedules, birthday parties (both of my babies have summer b-days), vacations, writing, and that dreaded four letter word (w-o-r-k), sometimes it feels difficult to catch my breath.  Don't get me wrong... my job has been uncharacteristically rewarding these days (still not in my soul but I am grateful nonetheless), the time with my little guys has been amazing, and the vacations... well, suffice it to say, my husband and I NEEDED that alone time.

But there is always something looming over my shoulder - an email to be written, a document to be drafted, a call to be made, a meeting to be planned... I read this great post over at Causerie about a week ago that really resonated with me (try to put the Austin Powers image out of your head before you click over - she is far more mature than me...).  Time has been on my mind a great deal lately and it just p…