1. A person who has written a particular text.
  2. A person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job or regular occupation.
author - scribe - penman

I'm getting back to basics, folks! I have my manuscript pending in 4 places right now.  Two agents and two editors were interested enough to request a full.  It is exciting, validating, invigorating and really, really scary...  Every *ding* on my I-phone brings with it a heart pumping, "OMG, is this it? Could this be it?" I rush to my phone, click on my Inbox and let out a deep breath of disappointment, relief and bat-shit-crazy... it's just another e-mail from The Body Shop.  Body Butter is on sale! Great (no, really, I love that stuff).

It's hard not to get caught up in the business of writing when you want so badly for it to be your business.  At the same time, I realize that between blogging, tweeting, facebook-ing and trying to sell the book (not to mention the whole mommy/wife/lawyer thing... which, as it turns out, is pretty time consuming :-)), I'm doing very little of what it is I was trying to do in the first place.  You know... write. 

My new book is close to my heart.  While it isn't autobiographical, I am revisiting youth and innocence and that tangible, sweet, precious moment in your life when you still believed in happy endings, pots of gold at the end of rainbows, and true love.  My protagonist is desperately clinging to that moment while the realities of life (truth, death, heartbreak, etc.) are yanking her out of her fantasy.  I'm revisiting my own past to capture that feeling... including watching many of my old favorite movies and shows and boring my husband with my stories of teenage angst.  My first book was fun, challenging, sexy, and necessary... this one is in my heart.  I need to take a step back to fully immerse myself in it not just because I know its going to be awesome... but because that's what I do.  I write.  Business or no business.

So here goes...

Love and Light,


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