Run, Girl, Run!

If you are a connoisseur of African American movies in the 90s B.T.P (Before Tyler Perry), this face probably solicits a litany of emotions. 
This is the face of the man of cheated on Angela Bassett with a wyatt woman in Waiting to Exhale...
Causing her to do this...
This is the face of the man who cheated on Vanessa Williams with her skanky dancing cousin in Soul Food...
Causing her to do the this...

And... this is the face of the man who gave ER doctor Jeanie Boulet AIDS.

Which pretty much sealed the deal.

"Michael Beach" will forever solicit my innate black woman "run, girl, run" reflex.  Don't get me wrong.  I am sure the man is a decent human being in real life.  However, the minute he steps onto my television or movie screen, I know no good will come of it. 

But what if the Michael Beach character had a story? 

I recently asked my Facebook friends whether they would read a novel about a character they didn't like.  I asked the question after thinking about my own journey as an author.  I find a great deal of joy in writing from the perspective of protagonists I don't initially understand: The liar.  The cheater.  The abuser.  The killer. 

As a writer, I find the challenge both complex and rewarding.  As a person, the experience is empathy building and cathartic.  Finding freckles of humanity in a villain is no easy task.  Although it doesn't always translate to likability, if I can understand my protagonist and make them deserving of love... or at least want for them a happy ending, it's deeply satisfying. 

So I pose the question to you, would you care about the story of a Michael Beach character?  Would you read a novel about a character you don't like?  A character you may even despise?

And special shout out to Michael Beach who is a wonderfully talented ACTOR.  But for his talent, we probably wouldn't have any reaction to seeing him at all :-).

Love and Light,


  1. Ahh! You did your homework about Michael Beach. There was a Law and Order episode where he was a lawyer who also gave his wife AIDS while sneaking around with an ADA on the side. I felt sorry for him in that episode because he couldn't admit that he was gay. Would I read a story about a character like him? Only if the character was multi-faceted evoking some redeeming qualities. If he's just being a son-of a-gun, and I REALLY don't like him, probably not.

  2. For me, I need to know that the bad guy is no longer the bad guy by the end of the story. I know it's not very realistic, but we escape into books. In the escape, we want happy at the end. I want the bad vampire-guy to get his comeuppance; I want the evil angel to be human and in being human, he can't hurt anyone. I think that's what most of us want.
    And by the by, looking at Michael Beach makes me want to slap him. I can't help it!

  3. LOL, girl, I will always see Michael Beach as Angela Basset's OCD whoring husband of 11 years who "picked tonight to flaunt his white woman" at the company dinner... and of course that awful scene in Soul Food on the balcony with ole' girls sister! UGh! He disgusts me. lol. I dont know why he gets type-casts in those roles... but it kinda does turn me off from him, though I know he is only acting. I guess I would be open to watching a documentary or reading about his real life... but I'll always have those thoughts in the back of my mind. He's just not my favorite person on TV. lol

  4. Poor Michael Beach, LOL. His story has never really been told. His characters just ruin the lives of unsuspecting Black women and they are left to pick up the pieces! There has to be more!

  5. Well Michael Beach DID play Mister Darnell in Lean On Me--and got yelled at for picking up paper during the singing of the school song.

  6. Ha! I totally forgot he was in Lean on Me! lol


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