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Why Not Now?

Once upon a time, I had this cute little blog called Then Came Isaiah.  I started it in 2007 right after I had my first son.  For over five years, it provided a place to gush about my children, marriage and transition from die hard city girl to suburbanite.  What started as a blog for just family quickly turned into much more with international readership and a considerable amount of hits per month.  Then Came Isaiah also saw me through a personal tragedy when in October 2009, my older brother, Tommy passed away unexpectedly at 38.

Tommy was a funny, sarcastic, handsome artist, NYPD detective, and hero.  I used to find illustrations and poems of his scrawled on stray papers all throughout our house in Queens.  Tommy could write a love poem so smooth,  it slipped on your skin like lotion.  Like a typical brother, he was also my bully and fiercest protector all rolled into one.  Not a day goes by when I don't miss him.

A few weeks before he died, I wrote a series of posts on Then …

I have a crush on you

I wish I could say I fell in love with the written word by reading the classics.  You know, tell you some great story about reading Rebecca for the first time and waltzing around holding the front and back cover like hands when I was done. Or being swept away in the prose of Faulkner or Morrison or Shakespeare... clutching the books in my hands as I slept and kissing them "Good Morning" when the sun woke us up.
I totally could. 
My heart still beats a little faster when I read the first line of Sula, I quote Hamlet all the time (which is admittedly disturbing) and Light in August is one of my favorite books of all time.

But, I can pinpoint my love affair to around 1993.  I was twelve years old, in Queens, lying on my stomach in my twin sized bed with pink sheets and a broken ivory canopy.  My kinks were fighting through my day-old straightened hair and my eyes were glued to the pages of a tattered library book.
I was reading. 
Reading well into the silence of the night, we…

Waiting... waiting... waiting...

The best part about writing a book is writing the book. 
It is deeply satisfying to create a world... to create circumstances... and people.  People so dynamic they are practically sharing your ice cream and licking your spoon.
Then you watch them. 
You watch them take their first breaths.  You watch them cry, laugh, dream and it is... well, it's marvelous.

The hardest part about writing a book is finishing. 

Because then - no matter how hard you try to fight it, you have an insatiable desire to share it.  You want everyone to know about your amazing new friends and the spectacular lives they have led.You pour your heart and soul into your pitch or query.  You put on your best, most sparkly dancing shoes and do your fanciest like-me-jig and then you wait.

and wait...
and check your voicemail...
and wait...
and check your email...
and wait...
and wait...

For those of you waiting (and working hard) for your dreams to come true... I'd like to share with you the wise wor…

Writer's Digest Conference East 2013 (My big news!)

Close your eyes...
Wait, open them so you can read.

You are a writer. 
Cloaked in social awkwardness and dreams of self isolation.  Imaginary characters and/or vivid memories make homes in your head... tea time on your shoulders, and take naps between your toes.  Your characters' thoughts float in and around your mind, sometimes clearer than your own, tip-toeing their way through your veins, erupting in goosebumps and animating your fingertips - teasing you to give them life or reincarnate them on a page.
You are writer.
You are weird.

Imagine hundreds of these strange folks in one place for a weekend.
To you maybe. To me it was a place I knew I belonged.

That's right, folks.  This weekend was the annual Writer's Digest Conference East and I gave UP my conference virginity like I had daddy-issues and it was the captain of the football team!  It took place at the Sheraton New York Hotel in NYC and was chock full of helpful panels, boot camps and programs run by agen…

"...license all my intellectual property rights..."

I have big news.

But, in the interim, I want to share this amazing video with literary agent/intellectual property attorney Dana Newman on the legal issues in publishing.

Love and Light,