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Instant Oatmeal

I love oatmeal.
Like, really love it. 
I can be at the fanciest breakfast establishment and instantly peruse their menu for oatmeal, just to get a steamy hot bowl served to me with a plate full of my favorite toppings.  I love the texture, the smell and I love, love, love sprinkling a big bowl with brown sugar, nuts and my favorite dried and fresh fruits. 
Inevitably, I will profess my love of the stuff as I am eating - boring whoever I am with to tears with my bizarre ode to oatmeal.  I have an equally passionate love affair with granola (love Michele's here in the DMV) so I am clearly just an oats girl.

Anyway, like any true oatmeal connoisseur, I think instant oatmeal is disgusting.  Nonetheless, I will grab a bowl from Starbucks or D&D when I am running late for work.  It's never the same and I always (always, always, always) make it to the bottom of the bowl wondering why I ate it.  The crazy thing about instant oatmeal is that while it boasts instant results, regul…

Stretching out my arms so I can reach

I love Sundays. 
I love not having to work.  Not having anywhere to be.  I love being able to just sit around with my family and collect dust.  Or take long slow walks just to feel dewy morning breeze on our skin and stare at the clouds.  Bike rides to nowhere with my eldest son.
I love Sundays.

While I wait to hear back from the agents regarding my book and try not to give in to the worry that I am just so darn good at, I am trying to remind myself on how important and priceless the journey is to my ultimate destination... wherever it might be.  Each moment, each step, each breath between words is getting me us all closer to our dreams.

What did you dream of yesterday that came true today? What do you dream for tomorrow?

Love and Light,

The Good, The Bad... and the OMG!

11 Queries Sent
3 Rejections Received
1 Request for my Full Manuscript (!!!!)


Love and Light,

The Perks of Being a Writer

Recently, I was reading an article about Stephen Chobsky, author of Perks of Being a Wallflower.  I haven't read the book but I saw a preview for the movie a few evenings ago when I was trying to decide on a movie to watch on a date night with the spouse.  The preview really resonated with me.  I was by no means the super-cool kid in high school.  I was popular but popular in the way that everyone voted for me for student council... not the sneak-out-the-window-go-to-an-awesome-party cool. I will always remember that feeling of being completely lost in my head and absolutely adoring the freak crew I called friends.

Anyway, the movie seemed geared towards young adults so before I ordered it, I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get sucked into some vampire-less Twilight full of unnecessary angst and uncomfortably long pauses.  I decided to watch it (husband didn't want to so I will finally watch it later this week).  In my research process, I happened upon an article abo…

Query, Query, Bo-bery...


I sent out my first query letter this week.
For those of you not familiar with the business of writing, a query letter or an agent query, is most often, a one-page letter to a literary agency seeking representation.  In it, you discuss your novel, your qualifications and why you think XYZ literary agency would be good fit to represent your work.  Once an agent is secured, they attempt to sell your manuscript to a publisher.

It sort of sounds simple right?  In my case, I spent the last few years writing my novel, 250+ pages, 70K+ words,  a one page letter? Easy breezy, right?

Um... wrong! Ohhhhhhhhhh myyy gooooodddnneeesssss.....

It is SO hard to write a query letter... at least in my case... I've tried to explain the difficulty to my husband and it boils down to  this:  I am intimately involved with every word, hiccup, cough and "Bless you" of this novel... when I talk about it, I get that deranged writer's look in my eyes and talk about my characters like I kn…

Second Draft!

73,070 words.
253 pages.
16 24 chapters (I shortened my chapters).
... and ladies and gentleman, I have a title!!!!

There is no avoiding it.  It is time to move on to my query letter.

Stay tuned for next week's post!

Until then... let's dance again!

Love and Light,

A little bit of Inspiration

I was going to write this post about query letters but I saw this great movie last night so I want to write about that instead.  I know I should write a post about query letters and I promise I will... just as soon as I get over my disabling fear of them.

So... the movie. 

My hubby and I had plans to see Justice Sotomayor at a book signing/lecture in Baltimore last night but our youngest got sick :-(.  So, we stayed in instead.  With a bottle of red wine and a bowl full of popcorn ('cause that's how we do), we settled down to watch Celeste & Jesse Forever  a movie starring Rashida Jones and Andy Samburg (ofD*ck in a Box fame).  Here is the trailer: So truth be told, I have always been a little obsessed with Rashida Jones.  Not only is she gorgeous, but her performances in movies are so subtle and natural, you can almost trick yourself into thinking she isn't acting... like you know her and you just happen to be a fly on the wall in her life for a moment.  Plus, I thin…