Put your back into it

My second year of college, I moved into apartment style housing on campus with three good friends.  We lived across the hall from an awesomely fabulous plus size brown girl and her five gay, male roommates.  They used to throw these parties full of sugary sweet cocktails, high energy and notoriously bad dancing that would last into the wee hours.  If you've never been a straight girl at a gay male party, I highly recommend you add it to your bucket list.  The men actually just want to dance with you and if you want to try out Beyonce's Crazy in Love booty pop without anyone judging you? Go ahead... the guys will pull together to convince you into believing you are actually doing it better than Beyonce (I still can't do that dance... but I still try, haha).

At one particular party my darling friend Christine* and I attended, we were, as usual, having an amazing time when a flamboyantly happy guy came bouncing over to us busting some serious moves.  Ice Cube's You Can Do It had just started and if you know anything about the early 2000s, you not only remember that song, you remember the movie it was attached to - 2001's crazy corny but equally adorable interracial love story, Save the Last Dance featuring a young Julia Stiles and a hilariously miscast, Sean Patrick Thomas (I miss him... where is he?).  So, the guy, let's call him Hector taps my friend Christine on the shoulder and proceeds to do the WHOLE dance from the scene were the song plays in Save the Last Dance, the fancy footwork, the Michael Jackson spins and even the part where Sean Patrick Thomas gets up close with Julia and proceeds to do this cat and mouse, back and forth, urban tango - here see for yourself:

I apologize for the poor quality - I didn't do it. 

Anyway, my friend, Christine - who was/is hands down, the best dancer in my college circle, turned into a cross between Kevin James from Hitch and Hugh Grant in Love Actually - she just couldn't keep up with his obviously well-thought out and meticulously practiced routine.   I mean, what else would you expect? Most of us don't live in a musical, prepared to break out into choreographed routines at any given moment.  Except Hector... Hector was made for moments like that.

To this day, it is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

The day I sat down to finish my novel, this story popped into my head  It all just reminded me of how awesome is to be different.  How awesome it is to own it.  If there is nothing else I hold on to in my life.  It has to be that.

I have to call Christine and remind her of that... I need a good laugh.

*names changed

Love and Light,


  1. If that movie comes on, I HAVE to watch it. : )

  2. Me too, lol. It's a guilty pleasure :-)

  3. OMG!!! This made me laugh so much... You know what I thought of a few days that made me laugh... The infamous sorority Booty Phi Booty :-)


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