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On being different

“Many people fear nothing more terribly than to take a position which stands out sharply and clearly from the prevailing opinion. The tendency of most is to adopt a view that is so ambiguous that it will include everything and so popular that it will include everybody. Not a few men who cherish lofty and noble ideals hide them under a bushel for fear of being called different.” -Martin Luther King
Love and Light,

Quoth the Raven

Every so often I work on a Saturday.  It is voluntary but I wake up, begrudgingly put on my favorite weekend jeans, work spectacles (totally made that part up) and head out the door.  It never fails that my house always feels extra comfy.  The perfect amount of early morning sunlight is pouring in through the gaps in the shades.  The quiet of the night is still wrapped around my children and my husband is lying in the shape of a spoon, his warm body practically magnetic as it tugs me back towards the bed.  It always sucks. This morning, I dutifully put in a few hours at the office.  Getting a head start on the coming week and tying up loose ends from the week before.  I practically darted out of my office shortly after 2, leaping into my car and letting my foot fall heavy on the accelerator as my SUV whizzed through the winding roads on my way home. As I entered the final leg of my trip, a light rain began to mist through the gray sky.  I turned on my wipers as I rolled onto the …

Ayana Mathis

When I was in college, I had an amazing writing professor named John Vernon.  He was the first person in my adult life to encourage my writing  (that wasn't my Ma, brothers or friends).  He even tried to persuade my mom to allow me to spend a semester in London.   Ever the overprotective mom, she wasn't convinced (but I somehow managed permission to go to Senegal for three weeks during my last year of college).  Truth be told, I am still a little sad I never got to go.  Being an American writer abroad has a certainappeal, doesn't it?

Anyway, in one of our conversations/classes, I remember Prof Vernon making a comment about a fellow writer, Wally Lamb.  Wally wrote one my favorite books of all time, She's Come Undone which went on to be an Oprah's book club selection in 1996.  I remember Professor Vernon said - he went from being a professor to a millionaire.  Pretty much just because Oprah liked his book.

My best friend works over at Harpo Productions in Chicago an…

Now what?

So, a few procedural notes.  I just added a new link to the Linkety Links - located to the right of your screen (*striking a Vana White pose).  It's called Pub Rants and it's a blog by the Nelson Agency, a literary agency I am slowly developing a crush on.  Not only do I love their client list - I love the story of how the agency got started - with a dream - like most amazing things do.  Special shout out to my writing buddy, Ros, for the point in their direction.

Also, I LOVE this week's quote of the week (also to your right).  I'm going to put it here so it will forever remain on this page:

“The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable. Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven's sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possible can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have c…

Put your back into it

My second year of college, I moved into apartment style housing on campus with three good friends.  We lived across the hall from an awesomely fabulous plus size brown girl and her five gay, male roommates.  They used to throw these parties full of sugary sweet cocktails, high energy and notoriously bad dancing that would last into the wee hours.  If you've never been a straight girl at a gay male party, I highly recommend you add it to your bucket list.  The men actually just want to dance with you and if you want to try out Beyonce's Crazy in Lovebooty pop without anyone judging you? Go ahead... the guys will pull together to convince you into believing you are actually doing it better than Beyonce (I still can't do that dance... but I still try, haha).

At one particular party my darling friend Christine* and I attended, we were, as usual, having an amazing time when a flamboyantly happy guy came bouncing over to us busting some serious moves.  Ice Cube's You Can Do…