Sing Your Song

And speaking of old stuff, I watched a documentary aptly titled Sing Your Song on HBO tonight, then DVR'd it and watched it again.  It is about the life and work of actor/activist Harry Belafonte.  

His life is an inspiration. 

In the documentary, Belafonte discussed using the power of art as a means of resistance and change.  He reminisced on singing songs of rebellion... songs of joy and songs of love.  I had no idea how instrumental he was in the civil rights struggle. I also had no idea just how incredibly talented he was/is. He was handsome (I mean, the man was beautiful), strong and courageous. I fell in love with him... about fifty years after the fact... but I fell in love with  him nonetheless.  Then I googled him and fell in love with this picture of him and the lovely Dorothy Dandridge.   

Why would anyone want to be anything other than an artist?

Love and Light,


  1. Remember when he called Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell house slaves?? I think because of the handsome packaging people forget that he's a "radical." And he's Jamaican!

  2. Why did I totally forget about that? He really was super disarming with those good looks of his. How can the man who said - "shake, shake, shake, senora" be intimidating?


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