I know, I know, I know, I know, I know...

Currently, I am in our playroom, feasting on pretend food prepared by my boys ("Salt and egg sauce, Mommy," which is only delicious in pretend) and daydreaming about the inevitable conclusion of my novel.

Music is playing. 

Not the kind that they can wiggle too but the kind I can think too.  The kind that makes me feel as though I am laying on blades of grass on a warm day, watching my barefoot children playing around me.  Sun is shining... not too bright.  The leaves of the trees are blowing with the cool summer breeze.  And its smells like barbecue... because I LOVE it when it smells like barbecue.  The kind of day where my husband reads a book and I fall asleep with my head in his lap daydreaming with a small smile on my face. 

Sometimes good songwriting can be just as satisfying as reading a good book. Maybe even more so.... I hope I die with headphones in my ears and my arms full of the people I love.

Enjoy an old song.  Happy MLK day, folks!

Love and Light,


  1. Great song and wonderful thoughts.

  2. "Salt and egg sauce" had me lmao! Hilarious... Great song!


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