Happy New Year!

It was about ten to midnight last night when we prepared for our quiet welcoming of the new year with family in New York.  We had a bottle of Moet, a few champagne flukes and munched on treats from one of those Pepperidge Farm assortment of cookies boxes. My kids were fast asleep, one beside me and the other across the hall. I was fighting sleep, just a little bit, I had a wonderful day in the city - seeing Les Miserables with my husband and spending the afternoon with Greek food and an old friend.  The day before, we braved the cold to take the kids to see the holiday train show at the New York Botanical Gardens

It was magical.

When the clock struck 11:59, we counted down - exchanging glances from across the dimly lit room, careful not to wake the sleeping children.  We are a family that has experienced loss.  So, we were thankful for another year we were able to spend together.  We counted down, curious as to what another year would bring but hopeful that it would be filled with every blessing we had in 2012.  The ability to kiss each other goodnight each evening, to fill our bellies when we were hungry, to remain healthy and experience laughter that tickled our souls, to love and be loved and to dream and hope as if we could rely on tomorrow. 

At midnight, our grins were widened, our glasses clicked and clanked, our tongues tasted of champagne and chocolate - and we welcomed 2013. I closed my eyes and breathed in the air of the new year, warm, bright... sweet... my lips still wet from my husband's kiss and arms still full from my mother's embrace.

Ready... I breathed in.... set... I breathed out... go.

Happy New Year <3.

Love and Light,


  1. A lovely post, Faye!!! It reads like a poem... A what pleasant start to the new year. I wish you much success this year.


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