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Twenty, twenty, twenty-four hours to go-o-o

“I am an excitable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger as reason. I am so thirsty for the marvelous that only the marvelous has power over me. Anything I can not transform into something marvelous, I let go. Reality doesn't impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.” - Ana├»s Nin
Happy New Year!
Love and light, Faye

Remembering (A Haiku)

Yesterday, I learned a dear friend passed away.  I sat on my tan carpet with my legs crossed and my laptop cradled in my lap.  In the kitchen, my sons chatted with their mouths full over graham crackers and raisins.  I glanced out the window beside where I sat and the late afternoon sun was descending in the sky.  The yellow-orange rays shined brightly through the spaces in the bare tree branches and cast wild shadows on our muddy grass.  A man was walking his dog in the path behind my house.  His dog stopped to do his business and the man waited, turning so his face met the warm sunlight and squinting from its intensity.  When his dog was done, he kept walking.
I wept. 

Love and Light,

The Trouble with SNL's White Christmas and my first Twitter war!

So, I wrote this little article over on Black Girl Nerds that seems to be causing quite the firestorm.  I wrote the article after seeing SNL's skit, White Christmas, an attempted parody of black film. Venture on over to BGN and let me know what you think, then if you feel like witnessing the firestorm, follow me on Twitter @fayewrites and see the mayhem that hath ensued.  It all started with one woman who decided to vocalize her dissent and tag Michael Che, SNL writer of said skit, in her comment.  He wasn't happy, to put it mildly, but it's okay, more people read the article, more discussion was sparked, and for that, I win.

Oh, and for the record, I wasn't defending Tyler Perry in the article.  If you read my blog, you know better than that, but I thought I'd add that for the newcomers. 

Love and Light,

Toni Morrison and Junot Diaz

Junot Diaz interviewed Toni Morrison last Thursday and it was broadcast live on YouTube, sponsored by New York Public Library. I hadn't heard about the event before last Thursday and when a good friend of mine sent me the link, I damn near crashed my car.  Toni Morrison is my favorite author of all time and Junot Diaz is fastly moving up my list.   Together?   It was like I died and went to literary nerd heaven.  I pretty much scream announced it on Twitter every five minutes as I was watching (sorry about that).  In case you missed it... or if I'm honest, in case I want to watch it again (okay, okay, when I want to watch it again), here is the link.  The talk was amazing.  As usual, I appreciated Junot Diaz's raw, unapologetic voice (which actually translates well from paper to person) and Toni Morrison's... well... Toni 'Freakin' Morrison. Enjoy. Love and Light, Faye

Remembering Sandy Hook

As a mother of a first grader, my heart breaks every time I see these beautiful faces and remember the senseless and violent way their precious lives ended.  My thoughts and heart are with these little souls today and everyday.  Mommies and Daddies, we will never forget your beautiful angels.  We will also never forget those heroic teachers that lost their lives protecting their students. 

Love and Light,

I was that girl

While waiting for my eldest to get out of school, I saw a girl, no older than nine, walking with her nose in a Beverly Clearly book.  She was so focused on her book she tripped twice, and was hit square in the face by a stray snowball from the group of boys having a snowball fight beside her.  She adjusted her glasses, wiped the wet remnants from her cheek, and kept reading.  But for her wispy blond hair and petite frame, I would have sworn I had gone back in time and was spying on my former self. 
It's going to turn out fine, sweetheart.
Just fine.

Love and Light,

Becoming Free

I always get overly introspective at the end of the year.  Though time is relative and New Years Eve is really just another day, the end of the year always fills me with nostalgia.  I miss the good memories, am anxious to get beyond the bad ones and hopeful about what lies ahead. 

This time last year, I was hitting 'publish' on my first blog post as Faye McCray.  Those close to me know I have been toying with my identity as a writer my whole life.  I started working on my first novel in 2008.  I vaguely remember sitting on the beach with my then-newborn son, thinking about my idea for the novel.  I would write a few paragraphs and read it to my husband, write a few, read a few and then tuck it away.  I wrote on lunch breaks at work, stop lights during my commute and after middle of the night feedings when I just couldn't get back to sleep.  It really was enough at the time.  It was a story I felt I needed to tell so I did, without any expectation or approval. My husband …

We have our winners!

CONGRATS, Lisa K. and Melanie P.!
Now repeat after me, I promise... not to... download Drake or Ke$ha. 
Okay, we're good here.
Thank you ALL again for your support!
I reached 200 Likes on Facebook!

I can't tell you how much it means to me that 200 folks have clicked 'like' on my Facebook page.  It was almost a year ago that I decided to take this journey and it has means so much to me that so many of you have decided to take the ride with me.  It's scary to put yourself out there and admit you have a dream.  Every word of encouragement, every download, every comment and every 'like' has meant the world to me!


In honor of reaching 200 likes on Facebook, I am giving away 2 FREE iTunes Gift Cards!  Music and writing has always gone hand-in-hand for me.  Music sets the mood and the tone to send me spiraling into my paper-universes.  I thought there was nothing more fitting than to give away some music to celebrate!

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Why Admitting I Need My Husband Was So Hard For Me

Hey err'buddy! An article I wrote on marriage is up on Black and Married With Kids

Check it out here.

For those of you that followed my work at We of Hue, it is spin off of a piece I wrote titled, Raising a Single Mom a few years ago. If you enjoy it, please comment and share it with your friends!  If you don't, tell no one and keep it to yourself :-).  Thus far, the feedback has been amazing! I have read every comment and feel empowered knowing so many of you share my struggle!

Love and Light,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eatin' the day away with the husband, tiny humans and extended family.  So grateful that I am warm, fed and surrounded by love.  I hope you and yours have a wonderful, wonderful day!
Love and Light,

Black Artist Manifesto

“You know, it's not the world that was my oppressor, because what the world does to you, if the world does it to you long enough and effectively enough, you begin to do to yourself.”
James A. Baldwin
I don’t know if I can pinpoint a day I decided to do what I love.It was more of a collection of days.A collection of events.It was a collection of circumstances that removed the price tag from my life.Love, loss, my penchant for natural hair… whatever it was, I changed. As I basked beneath the ambient light of my dull, gray cubicle and watched as the heavy arms of the clock made its painstaking journey from nine to five o’clock… somewhere between wishing the day away and forcing my heart to care about what my mind did, I realized what I was doing wasn’t working.I couldn’t survive off the promise of happiness at the end of my journey.I needed to be happy now.
For me, this commitment meant a torch lit path to the journey of a writer.A writer since I was six, words have always been my shit.…

There is no spoon.

It’s such a strange life we writers lead. For the past few weeks, I have been working hard refining Yellow Belt.  Yellow Belt is the next story in the Dani’s Belts series which follows my protagonist, Dani, as she struggles to survive the zombie apocalypse. It is unlike anything I have ever written.  My writing is usually very literary and heavily grounded in reality (for better or worse). Oddly, however, out of all the many, many characters I have created (written and those that dwell in my head), Dani is probably the most like me.  She appreciates a good shoe, loves hard but not always wisely, perpetually underestimates herself, and when it’s all said and done, is happiest hiding under a blanket next to someone she loves.  The creativity lies in placing someone like that in the extraordinary situation of the zombie apocalypse.  Something I have, thankfully, never lived through.Recently, someone on Twitter asked me why I titled the first story, White Belt.  This fall, I enrolled my s…

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7 Signs I'm Overtired (Ode to My Sleep Deprivation)

1. The sun is far too bright.

2. I randomly pump myself up to stay awake.

3. I find myself waking up when I didn't know I was asleep. 4.  I overreact to any sign of conflict.

5. Everything is funny. 

6. And yet, everything is sad. 7. I almost never make it to the bed.

Raise your hand if you're taking a nap this weekend!!! Oh yea. I'm doing it big, folks. 

Love and Light,

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Readers

A week ago today, I took my first big step into the world of a published author by self-publishing my short story, White Belt.  I sought to prove three things to myself:

I could meet a deadline.I could write horror without peeing in my panties or writing "just kidding" at the end of every sentence.I could find an audience.
BOOM on that first one!

#2 also gets a big fat check of success.  I LOVED writing White Belt. So much so, I am turning it into a series.  My protagonist, Dani tripped into my fraidy-cat heart with her clunky shoes and horrible taste in men and I fell in love.  I am rooting for her and I can't wait to see where her journey takes her.

#3 is still in progress.  Over the past week, I have found a ton of people on GoodReads, Facebook, Twitter, and the good old fashioned world wide web.  Crazy Zombie lovers like me.  A whole seedy world of the Black and Nerdy.  New Adult authors who write to escape.  Local bloggers looking to find and su…

Holy crap, I'm published.

I made contact with an awesome editor a few months ago who reminded me to keep writing.  So I did.  Boyfriend is still in traditional publishing limbo but in the mean time, I have decided to self publish a new series of short stories called, Dani's Belts.  The stories follow Dani Thomas, an unlikely protagonist of the zombie apocalypse. 

White Belt kicks off the series introducing Dani, a young college student on a road trip with her boyfriend, Rob, to see his favorite artist in concert.  When a short stop at a rest area turns into ground zero of the zombie apocalypse, Rob flees, leaving Dani, a self-proclaimed girly girl with no survival skills, to fend for herself among the growing population of flesh eating zombies. 

Download WHITE BELThere.  It's FREE today only for Halloween!

Look out for the next story in the series, Yellow Belt in January 2014.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Love and Light,

Download White Belt NOW on Kindle!

A college student ditched by her boyfriend braves ground zero of the zombie apocalypse in BCBG platform wedges and a sundress. Order my new short story, White Belt on Kindle for FREE on Halloween!
After that, it's not free (but it's $0.99 which is practically free!).

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28 years, 28 lessons

Four years ago today, I woke up with my face smushed inside my elbow on my mother’s light oak kitchen table in Queens wondering if the previous ten hours had been a dream.  My head hurt and old tears stained my face.  There was a knock at the door.  I wiped the residues of my hour of sleep from the corners of my mouth and answered.  My aunt had bagels and my older brother was still gone. 

My brother, Tommy died on October 22, 2009. He lived 38 years, 4 months, 22 days and 3 ½ hours.  I was born when he was 10 years old.  Here is what I learned from the 28 years I witnessed his life.  1.Remain amused.No matter what you may go through… no matter how hard life tries to break you down or what someone else might say or do to make you stumble, put it in perspective and find the humor.Tommy could have patented his signature smirk.He was always in on the joke so he always won. 2.Never let a freshman take yo’ spot.This lesson was also taught by Sidra from Love and Basketball.My brother was the ba…