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I headed out of town yesterday to visit my family in New York.  During the 4-hour car ride, I discovered a whole litany of awesome web series written by great young writers.  It all started by watching the latest episode of a web series I watch called Awkward Black Girl written by and starring Issa Rae.  Then it was Roomieloverfriends and The Couple written/directed by Dennis Dortch - all stories of young 20/30somethings navigating their way through life.  I was excited, entertained and damn near emotional as I sat glued to my i-Phone pretty much ignoring my husband (sorry, baby) during our late night ride to New York.

I enjoy art - whether its a good movie, play, book or song - I love getting lost in someone elses universe.  I think art is humanities most important contribution.  I love the way my soul feels when I hear a good song - traveling through my body awakening every twinge, pinch and feeling - or the feeling I get when I read a good piece of poetry or prose, that has its own sound and rhythm  - or a movie/book whose characters stay with you for years like remembering an old friend... there is nothing like it. 

I loved the shows because they explored the humanity of black folks in a way that isn't present on mainstream television.  If an Alien was dropped on Earth from a distant planet with the sole task of blending in amongst black women - and their only preparation was watching VH1 for 24 hours  - could you imagine what that impersonation would look like?  I'm thinking a woman with a long, blonde/auburn wig, head to toe designer print, looking to marry and/or become impregnated by a rich athlete/rap star,  using the world "bitch" at least every third sentence and/or beating said "bitch" in a classy establishment once a week and having a default setting of offended for no good reason. 

Entertaining... but sad.

Needless to say, I am glad to see that the Internet would give them a slightly different impression. 

Rumor has it (if you get your rumors from The Washington Post), Ms. Rae is developing her own show for ABC with Shonda Rhimes (another one of my favs).  She is quoted as saying her dreams of opening up television for "relatable" people of color may be coming true.  Ack! I hope so Issa. Maybe there is room for my books somewhere after all!


Love and Light,


  1. I am obsessed with ABG, so thanks! The webisodes are so well written. The one-liners are hilarious. "Why does CeCe sound like a contemporary slave?" Not to mention the angry raps. When White Jay did his 8-Mile bit in front of the mirror I thought I was going to have a stroke. I'm glad Issa has something in development, but I worry about the big 3 networks. They have a way of focus-grouping the humor out of nearly everything. If ABG were on a major network would it be as funny? It's a definite "be careful what you wish for" moment. I was kinda hoping she'd end up on cable so she could have more creative freedom. Anyway... fingers crossed her voice shines through.


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