I'm coming OUT!

Hey folks! Welcome to my blog and my official coming out party! Yup, I, Faye McCray, am stepping out of the closet as a WRITER.

I have been writing since I knew how.  It started in birthday cards to my big brothers (apparently one involved an exploding birthday cake, hehe, I was a weird kid), moved on to endless notebooks and continued throughout college.  I always knew I LOVED to write but I had no idea how to go about making it a sustainable career.  So, like many people without a plan, I went to law school!  After almost seven years of practicing law, a husband, two beautiful baby boys and some freelancing later, I decided to no longer fight that voice inside of me that is constantly calling me to write and JUST DO IT.  This blog will document my journey!

Right now, I am still working full time as an attorney which I am coming to terms with (read Writer with a Day Job by Aine Greaney, you will too) but I am about 53,000 words into my first novel.  I am hoping to be completed by the New Year.  I just finished an awesome Advanced Writing Workshop with Barbara Esstman at The Writer's Center where I received some great feedback and learned a ton.   I also belong to a great critique group in Baltimore.  If you are a writer, I can't overestimate the importance of finding a circle of other writers.  We are a strange breed that finds divine contentment in making things up... think about that for a minute... who better to obsess over your imaginary friends with than other writers?!

Well, strange or not, I love to write.  I talk to my characters during my (lonely) commute to work, I memorize places I visit so I can write about them and I wake up in the middle of the night to scribble descriptions of hands in my notebooks.  I'm twitching, I'm itching... oh no, I caught it - I am a writer! Hope you will hang out with me as I head down this journey - whether I am a mass producing author who continues to produce in death or a little old lady with a ton of books under my bed, I am not stopping.

Love & Light,

Get your momma's 2-step on ya'll!


  1. I love this blog! I will follow your journey and support your efforts! Keep writing!

  2. Thanks for forwarding your new blog! I added it to my reader. I miss you over in FB, but I enjoy reading your husband's thoughtful posts :-) -Caro

    1. Haha, Caroline - I can only imagine what he is writing! I may be back on FB eventually. I miss seeing all the cute baby pictures! I am so glad you have a blog so I can get my little bean fix lol.

  3. Ugh--I just lost my earlier comment. I am SO inspired by this, by you. I too want to take a writerly COMING OUT leap (instead of exhausting what little time and talent I have only on the blog) and am really desperate to envision what that can/will look like.

    Are you off FB too? (I have been for months) Let's please stay in touch. I'll add you to the blogroll for what it's worth over on Mama C.

    1. Thanks! I am still trying to figure out what it all means, haha. I did leave FB! Between work, the kids and finishing the novel - I realized FB was just an added distraction. My plan was to go back when the novel was complete but now I don't know - I am kind of enjoying the freedom! Lets definitely stay in touch - I always loved your blog and as a fellow mama of two boys, I love sharing in your journey!


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