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Issa Rae and other awesomeness!

I headed out of town yesterday to visit my family in New York.  During the 4-hour car ride, I discovered a whole litany of awesome web series written by great young writers.  It all started by watching the latest episode of a web series I watch called Awkward Black Girl written by and starring Issa Rae.  Then it wasRoomieloverfriends and The Couple written/directed by Dennis Dortch - all stories of young 20/30somethings navigating their way through life.  I was excited, entertained and damn near emotional as I sat glued to my i-Phone pretty much ignoring my husband (sorry, baby) during our late night ride to New York.

I enjoy art - whether its a good movie, play, book or song - I love getting lost in someone elses universe.  I think art is humanities most important contribution.  I love the way my soul feels when I hear a good song - traveling through my body awakening every twinge, pinch and feeling - or the feeling I get when I read a good piece of poetry or prose, that has its own …

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas!  It would be disingenuous of me if I didn't mention how deeply affected I have been with the unspeakable loss at Sandy Hook over a week ago.  I mourn deeply every time I see those little faces on the news.  Last week when I watched my own children in their Holiday concert, I couldn't help but get emotional in remembrance of all of those parents in Connecticut who were robbed of so many precious moments like the one my children and I shared.  I remain painfully aware that the only thing that separates us is miles because we all could have just as easily been the target of such a vicious, random attack. 

This Christmas, I hope you all hold tight to your loved ones.  Take a moment to breath them in, memorizing every smile, every little laugh and every silly moment.  Remain conscious of just what a gift each day is.  Each day you have the opportunity to tell those close to you that you love them and look into their eyes and hear it right…

New Perspective

The benefit to living in a smaller metropolis (than in NYC where I grew up) is that I have a unique relationship with the places I go.  I have a favorite check out lady at the grocery store.  We chat about our kids and the Ravens and she knows exactly how I like my groceries bagged. I have a favorite coffee lady at Starbucks who knows to add extra cinnamon to my cinnamon dolce latte and makes sure its not too hot when I have a kid in tow.  I also have a favorite table at my favorite local cafe/bistro which not only feeds my soul on days where I just need solitude but it also gives me a unique view of the whole place - people, windows, fireplace and all - allowing me to dream up new characters and worlds.  I thought I'd hate losing the anonymity of living in New York City but it turns out being known makes me feel a part of something.  Like together we form a community and somehow that makes us special.

I was sitting at my favorite table Thursday afternoon - getting some work done …

The sky is falling!

This week's quote is by Silvia Plath.  Just in case you don't feel like making the often tedious eye ball trek to the left margin of this page, I will repeat it here because I feel like that last part is the theme of my week. 

 "And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”
Sylvia Plath

I'm in a "listen to Tracy Chapmen [or insert your tragic, overreflective musical choice here] and feel like a tortured artist" kind of mood.  It may or may not have to do with extreme sleep deprivation and my children-are-crazy-itis.  Or it may have to do with losing confidence that may or may not have been based on my belief that everything I write... is magic.

I submitted a piece of writing to my writer's group for critique on Saturday.  It truly is an awesomely diverse group of people from various backgrounds and genres.  Anyway, the pi…

Let's talk about race

I promise this will be as painless as possible.

I am struggling with audience.  My novel is about a male college student, Nate, who struggles with drugs, alcohol and monogamy.  I know what you're thinking but he isn't just an asshole.  Nate is trying to escape.  He is trying to escape an abusive past and a younger sister he carelessly abandoned in the wreckage.

When he meets a beautiful woman who challenges him to be more than he ever thought he could be, things seem to turn around but you know what they say about bad boys... Needless to say, he has a very difficult time changing his ways.

Nate is an unlikely protagonist but he is painfully human... oh, and did I mention... he just happens to be black.

In my Advanced Writing Workshop this fall, we each presented 35 pages of our manuscripts.  I was scared out of my MIND.  My class was mostly made up of older white woman and I just wasn't sure they would be receptive to a promiscuous black guy in college. My fears were prove…

Character Development

One afternoon in my Advanced Writing Workshop, our class engaged in a lively debate about character development.  One man noted that characters are more crass now - he gushed over a time when ladies were ladies in novels and gentlemen were gentlemen (we had just finished critiquing a 50 shades kind of story, can you say awkward?).  He didn't understand the trend towards crass language and "in your face" popular literature.  Our lecturer, Barbara said, first - this romantic, pure time never existed.  She said Shakespeare had one of the most foul mouths in literature, it was just that no one understood it (AMEN).  Second, she said our characters lead us - sometimes we just don't have the luxury to  make them neat and tidy - legs crossed and polite as can be.  In particular, she said as writers, our job is to get our characters up and walking and then you just follow them around. I wrote that down in big letters in my notebook!

Writers, how often do you find yourself se…

I'm coming OUT!

Hey folks! Welcome to my blog and my official coming out party! Yup, I, Faye McCray, am stepping out of the closet as a WRITER.

I have been writing since I knew how.  It started in birthday cards to my big brothers (apparently one involved an exploding birthday cake, hehe, I was a weird kid), moved on to endless notebooks and continued throughout college.  I always knew I LOVED to write but I had no idea how to go about making it a sustainable career.  So, like many people without a plan, I went to law school!  After almost seven years of practicing law, a husband, two beautiful baby boys and some freelancing later, I decided to no longer fight that voice inside of me that is constantly calling me to write and JUST DO IT.  This blog will document my journey!

Right now, I am still working full time as an attorney which I am coming to terms with (read Writer with a Day Job by Aine Greaney, you will too) but I am about 53,000 words into my first novel.  I am hoping to be completed by the…