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Hey, It's Faye!

Faye McCray is an author, playwright, poet and essayist whose work has been featured in the  HuffPost, Parade Magazine, Little Patuxent Review, AARP Magazine, Madame Noire, Black Girl Nerds , and other popular publications. She is the author of  Dani's Belts , a collection of horror short stories,  Boyfriend , a full length novel about a troubled college student struggling with love and fidelity, and  I am Loved!  a collection of positive affirmations for kids. Faye is a digital publishing executive, and a board member of the Howard County Poetry and Literature Society. She is the co-founder of  Weemagine , a website devoted to celebrating and inspiring all children and the people who love them.  Faye is former attorney and proud graduate of Binghamton University, Howard University School of Law. and the Johns Hopkins University graduate writing program. Faye is also a married mother of three beautiful boys. You can  find Faye on Twitter @fayewrites, IG @heyfayemccray and Facebook

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